Stories From Older Moms

Moms Over Forty Share Their Stories.

As you read through the personal stories of these later – life moms, you’ll probably recognize bits and pieces of your own story.

That’s what’s so great about having a place to share. Even though parents all go through similar joys and struggles, we can’t always relate to those who are ten or twenty years our juniors.

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Michelle Conrad of Ohio

Michelle had her son at age 41 and shortly after, launched a life and a new career. After discovering the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, she began attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.  In her own words: “I want to help others feel as great as I do”. Read More


Angel LaLiberte

It’s my honor and pleasure to feature Angel LaLiberte of . Angel has two children conceived after age 40 and has been representing, writing about, and advocating for older moms since 2009. Read More



Denise Courmier

Denise’s story is a great example of how God laughs at our plans! She defied the odds not once, but twice, giving birth to her first child at 38 and her second at 45. Read More



Sandy Guthrie

Sandy Guthrie triumphed over miscarriage twice, and brought two healthy little boys into the world, the second at age 42. Now in her 50′s, she offers perspective  on her pregnancy and birth experiences and on motherhood in midlife. Read More


Sarah Silbert

Sarah discovered she was pregnant with her 4th child at age 43. The pregnancy came as a pleasant surprise shortly after  she took leave from work . Sarah wanted to focus on being a full time mother to her young children and rekindle her relationship with her life partner. Read More