Should Cooking For Kids Be Sneaky?

Recently I blogged about battling nutritional bankruptcy in family meals and how to get kids to try healthy foods in a post titled  Healthy Foods For Picky Little Eaters.

I introduced the answer to a tired mom’s troubles with my new favorite mommy blog,

During my visit with Liz and Janice I asked them for advice on how to get kids more excited about nutritious food.  We talked about ways to make school snacks more fun and how to involve your child in meal-planning by turning them into a “food critic” and asking them about their favorite meals (see the link below the video for their downloadable chart).

I was especially interested in their opinion about sneaking healthy ingredients into meals. Entire books have been written on how to trick your kids (or your whole family) into eating right, so I was eager to hear what these seasoned moms and dieticians had to say.  If you don’t have time for the video, I’ll give you a hint — these moms often ask their family to “guess the secret ingredient” at the end of a meal!



The recipe reviewer chart mentioned in the video can easily be downloaded and printed, or you can make your own.  It’s a great idea.

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