Healthy Meals For Picky Little Eaters

Like most moms, getting my kid to eat what’s good for him is a constant battle.  Mustering the energy to do battle is an additional challenge, especially for an older mom.

Picky Eater

Is There Whole Wheat In This Waffle?

When it dawned on me that most of the healthy snacks I packed for my son went uneaten,  I made myself a promise: no more strawberries (or tomatoes, or apple slices)  would be going down my “insinkerator” after sitting all day in Adam’s backpack.

So I did what I always do when I have a problem — I consulted google.

To my delight I found, a site dedicated to moms like us.  Meal Makover’s  mission is to cook up fast, healthy, and delicious recipes the whole family will love — it’s the brainchild of Dietitians and cookbook authors Liz Weiss and Janice Newell Bissex.

Janice cooks up a healthy meal

Janice Of Meal Makeover Moms


Liz and Janice’s focus on “making over” the recipes our kids already love offers an easier transition from junk food to health food, featuring everything from healthy makeovers for chicken nuggets, fish sticks, fruit smoothies and other kid favorites to practical tips for getting picky eaters to try their vegetables.

I was surprised to discover that the Moms live little more than a stone’s throw away from me and delighted to learn that they’re both card-carrying members of the “older moms club”.  Both have had a child after age 35.

So, I decided to visit Janice and Liz in person.

A short drive took me to Janice’s spacious kitchen, which had recently had a makeover of its own. After watching them experiment with a new recipe, the two moms chatted a bit about how their recipes make it simple to for moms to “do what they’re doing, but do it a little bit healthier:



So if you’re  looking for easy ways to improve your family’s diet, be sure to visit To learn about Liz & Janice’s cookbooks, No Whine with Dinner and The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers, check out their website,

You can also check them out on Pinterest, and repin your favorite recipes. Try not to show up hungry, though, the photos are mouth-watering and oh-so tempting!

Here, Liz gives some quick tips on how to navigate the website:



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