The Six Phase Meditation

Meditation as a daily practice not only helps with fertility issues, but can be life changing on many levels. This 6 phase meditation infographic is drawn from the core meditation in the Envisioning Method, a course designed by Mindvalley Academy Founder, Vishen Lakhiani. – See more at:   Courtesy of  Mindvalley Academy

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Helping A Child Cope With Death

As older moms we’re more likely to expose our children to losses earlier in life. Since our own parents are advanced in age, we may have to explain why Grandma or Grandpa needs extra care or have discussions about illness and death. Bereavement isn’t limited to the loss of a beloved human. Children also have [...]

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Launch of Over-40 Mother’s Day Tribute E-Card

MOTHER’S DAY 2013: True Faces of Rising Number of Over-40 Moms Revealed In a bid to dispel unfounded, negative stereotypes regarding maternal age—and uncover the real benefits to children of the dramatically rising population of women having children after 40— is launching the”The Over-40 Mother’s Day Album”, via social media. A leading advocacy website for later [...]

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Should Cooking For Kids Be Sneaky?

Recently I blogged about battling nutritional bankruptcy in family meals and how to get kids to try healthy foods in a post titled  Healthy Foods For Picky Little Eaters. I introduced the answer to a tired mom’s troubles with my new favorite mommy blog, During my visit with Liz and Janice I asked them [...]

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Healthy Meals For Picky Little Eaters

Like most moms, getting my kid to eat what’s good for him is a constant battle.  Mustering the energy to do battle is an additional challenge, especially for an older mom. When it dawned on me that most of the healthy snacks I packed for my son went uneaten,  I made myself a promise: no [...]

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Still Caught In The Middle

The Quest To Define My Peer Group My six year calls me “old lady” in a mischievous moment. He means it in the most affectionate way… But then he gives my eyelid a playful tug and declares it gross. “Eeeeew”, he says. You have wrinkly old lady skin”. He gets some time to think about [...]

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Freezing Ovarian Tissue : A New Way To Put Parenthood On Pause

In October of 2012, word hit the press that egg freezing is no longer experimental. The news was met with mixed reactions. While many see it as a step forward for women wanting to extend or protect their fertile years, others feared we’d opened a reproductive Pandora’s box. Some envisioned generations of parentless teens, the [...]

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In The Aftermath Of Sandy Hook

The morning after the Sandy Hook tragedy found our family packing up our car and heading south from Massachusetts. We were headed for what should have been a joyous occasion: My father and his partner of 35 years were holding a Wedding Ceremony at their Manhattan apartment. In all that time, they’d never felt a [...]

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Still Searching For Found The Fountain Of Youth

The Problem Of Diminishing Reserves Being an older mom, I do everything I can to try and keep up with my kid. After all, I don’t want him to resent having a mother who’s over 46 years his senior. But I dearly miss the days before we kissed the binky goodbye, and along with it, [...]

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Will Egg Freezing Silence Our Ticking Clocks?

In October 2012,  egg freezing or “oocyte cryovitrification” was reclassified as no longer experimental.  Great excitement ensued, along with predictions that  the reign of the biological clock is over. If you scan the news headlines it would be easy to draw that conclusion. But we need to look beyond the media hype to get the [...]

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