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Mommy Brains and Menopause; Am I Losing My Mind?

Mommy Brain Syndrome first reared its ugly head when I became a new mom at 46. At the time I didn’t know it had a name. But I knew I wasn’t my old self and I knew I wasn’t alone. Plenty of younger moms complained about forgetfulness. For the six years since, I’ve been trying [...]

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Delaying Motherhood: Circumstance or Choice?

Women choosing later life motherhood are hardly big news anymore. Today, the fastest growing population of new mothers is women over 40. It’s also hard to miss the fact that this trend has stirred up controversy. Critics of older mothers assert that having a child past the age of 40 is self-a self- centered act. [...]

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Surprise! It’s A Supersize Menopause Meltdown.

By Angel LaLiberte, founder of FlowerPowerMom.com—The Truth About Motherhood After 40. Motherhood after 40 is anything but a supersize helping of endocrinal bliss. In fact, just when your cheeks are fat-full of the chicken-fried-steak-style diet of childrearing—and you’re all set to choke on the next bite—Mother Nature pops up and says “Would you like fries [...]

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Coping With Loss At A Tender Age

As we sat in my kitchen on a balmy August evening, the woman across the table rattled off a list of questions. “Does he have a healthy appetite”? , she asked. “Very”, I replied, “but he won’t gain an ounce” “Has he lost interest in activities he used to enjoy?” “Well”, I answered, “he’s much [...]

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Menopause, Insomnia, and Midlife Motherhood

When my father first met his future mother-in-law, she was sitting at the kitchen table with a damp washcloth pressed to her forehead. Looking up at him, she sighed and said, “Do I even LOOK like a well person?” Rosie was a hypochondriac, a worrier extraordinaire, and from age 40 on claimed she never slept [...]

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The Pros & Cons Of Pregnancy After 40: A Realistic Perspective On Late-In-Life Parenting

Most of the media I encounter on pregnancy after 40 focus on how to conceive and how to have a successful pregnancy at age 40 and beyond. But there’s a lot more to having a baby than just conceiving and delivering. There’s also the 18 years that follow! Having had my first child at 46, [...]

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Postpartum Depression In Older Mothers

If there’s one chapter I could erase from late in life motherhood, it would be my encounter with postpartum depression. These days I love being a mommy more than I ever could have imagined; but it wasn’t that way in the beginning. You see, pregnancy had come as a complete surprise. And although I knew [...]

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Pregnancy After 40

There is no question that being 40 and pregnant isn’t as remarkable as it used to be. In fact, pregnancy after 40 has been on the rise for quite some time. In 2004, the CDC published a study on pregnancy rates for women in groups ages 10–14 through 40–44 years in the United States for [...]

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The Sandwich Generation – Feeling The Squeeze

2011 was the year the term “sandwich generation” really hit home for the first time. It was the year I turned 51 and my son turned 5. It was also the year I realized my father was slowly fading away. And my mother, remarried since 1977, was beginning her second year as a widow. The [...]

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