Having my first and only child at age 46 was a bit of a shock to me, since I wasn’t one of those women who had yearned for children or tried particularly hard to have one. At the time I conceived, my husband and I simply “weren’t NOT trying”.

Our little angel was conceived over a miniature bottle of white wine one summer night in mid-June of 2005. I know this because that month was such a whirlwind, my husband and I only “got together” that one time!

So, as much as motherhood seemed “meant to be”, I was still very much unprepared:

  •  I had spent most of my teens and twenties in academics, lived most of my life in college towns or city environments where small children were few and far between.
  • I had cultivated friendships with other couples and singles who almost exclusively childless.
  • For 45 years I’d arranged my time and my life more or less as I pleased.
  •  My husband and I weren’t prepared financially to become a parents in midlife.
  • Until the night before leaving the hospital with my newborn son, I had never even changed a diaper!

Living near Boston, I might be considered lucky. Boston has more colleges and Universities than just about any other city worldwide, so we have lots of college graduates who stay in the area. That means greater Boston has more than it’s fair share of career-driven women who postpone parenthood.

Additionally, Massachusetts provides health insurance coverage for women who need help conceiving. So of course, we have plenty of women who achieve pregnancy after 40 through programs such as IVF, donor eggs, and the like.

Yet even with all that “company” out there, I still felt like a fish out of water more often than not. So, I’ve created this website where I hope to develop a community of women like myself who can meet and share their stories, ideas, hope, and inspiration.