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Still Searching For Found The Fountain Of Youth

The Problem Of Diminishing Reserves Being an older mom, I do everything I can to try and keep up with my kid. After all, I don’t want him to resent having a mother who’s over 46 years his senior. But I dearly miss the days before we kissed the binky goodbye, and along with it, [...]

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Will Egg Freezing Silence Our Ticking Clocks?

In October 2012,  egg freezing or “oocyte cryovitrification” was reclassified as no longer experimental.  Great excitement ensued, along with predictions that  the reign of the biological clock is over. If you scan the news headlines it would be easy to draw that conclusion. But we need to look beyond the media hype to get the [...]

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Mommy Brains and Menopause; Am I Losing My Mind?

Mommy Brain Syndrome first reared its ugly head when I became a new mom at 46. At the time I didn’t know it had a name. But I knew I wasn’t my old self and I knew I wasn’t alone. Plenty of younger moms complained about forgetfulness. For the six years since, I’ve been trying [...]

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